My birdy has a new housekeeper

So, I went to Tracy a few weeks ago by recommendation ┬ábut also because I’d been reading her reviews for the last 6 months but like to stay tried and true to my beauty team (Because they’ve been so good to me)..Anyway, in a pinch (my waxer was crazy booked) I went to Tracy before my vacation (where I was gonna be wearing skimpy,sexy,extremly small bikinis) and all I can say is…TRACY IS THE WAXING GOD (well for Brazilians that is) 1st star for making my kitty so pretty…(I can’t attest to anything I haven’t tried for myself)

I have to start by saying I am African-American so keeping the nether regions smooth and stubble free can sometimes be a tad bit challenging due to the face that our hair is a little more course and ingrown hairs can sometimes be a problem. I am not a women who only waxes when I’m in a relationship or getting some its important to me to be PERFECTLY groomed at all times…Don’t neglect her ladies…she is your friend…which is why someone good, through and reliable is extremely important.

Anyway, on the the experience. The location is convenient, easy to find parking and very clean. The room is well lit and she never ever double dips…using a fresh stick every time she dips it in that wax…2nd star for sanitation!! She talks to you the whole time and it really helps to distract you from the fact that hair attached to hot wax is being yanked from your chacha…oh and she does small sections at a time (which contrary to popular belief is MUCH MUCH BETTER) 3rd star for patience and precision. Once she’s done with the wax she pulls the magnifying mirror complete with a light ….YES A LIGHT over your goodies and plucks any stray or stubborn hairs. Lastly the dreaded get on all fours…but oh no…not Tracy…just pull your knees to your chest and Voila!!! Thank God..cause even though I’m quite a fan of that position doing it in front of my waxer is so NOT the business. 4th star for not embarrassing me.

TRACY…You are heaven sent. Me,My bikinis,and my chacha thank you!!! We will be back to visit again very very soon! 5th star because even when Im having a bummy day I still feel sexy because…I know my kitty is pretty. Even hiding under lace boy shorts and baggy sweats!

TRACY IS THE BEST…If you go to anyone else your crazy…I’ve ditched my last waxer.. (but one must understand…I was loyal for 3 years…this birdy has found a new housekeeper for her nest ;o)

Waxing by Tracy at Hair Help

1756 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 350-4861