Beyonce “4”

The new Beyonce ROCKS!! I’ve been jammin’ to it in the house and in my car since the day it dropped. Yes, it is slightly different sound than other Bey albums but I’d still happily give it 5 stars. Bey is fierce, fun and such a fashionista and I just love her drive and passion. I can not forget the way she lets the WHOLE world know she LOVES her man but still maintains their privacy. I’m a total celebrity gossip hore but I respect Bey’s desire for privacy and don’t get mad when she still won’t leak her wedding photos or discuss her and Jays private life.

My personal favs on the album…1+1 I couldn’t have written a more honest and true love song. I feeeeel you Bey!! “I don’t know much about Algebra but I know 1+1=2 and its me and you…we ain’t got nothing without love…” Best thing I Never had I’m gonna go ahead and say she was in my head when she wrote this one. “So when I think of time that I almost loved you, you showed your ass and I saw the real you…I won’t let you back, I’m honestly through with you…I bet it sucks to be you right now…You’re the best thing I NEVER had!” Party I’m not sure what mind altering substance may have been consumed during the writing of this song but ummm “Saucy like SWA-GU” <secretly I know it’s a hot mess but I love it and it makes me want to go to a roller skating rink and hold hands with some cute boy in old school matching outfits during ‘couples’ skate. Start Over “Maybe we reached the mountain peak, and there’s no more left to climb, and maybe we lost the magic piece, and we’re both too blind to find, let’s start over, let’s give love the wings,let’s start over, Stop fighting bout’ the same old thing, let’s start over, we can’t let our good love die, maybe we can start all over, give love another life” Can this song be any more timely. Love on top I feel like me and my girlfriends should be painting our nails rocking side ponytails whilst eating popcorn at a sleepover and totally filming the music video to this song. I Was Here “I wanna leave my footprints on the sand of time…leave something to remember so they won’t forget I was here. I lived and I loved, I will leave my mark so EVERYONE knows I was here.”  and of course Run the World (GIRLS) Talk about girl anthem for sure!!! I love it, I blast it every morning when I’m getting dressed. If only I was a cheerleader…this will be every highschool cheersquads competition song…mark my word!

Love the album. If you don’t have it…GO GET IT!! I mean like RIGHT RIGHT NOW…Yes, that is an ORDER! (No, I will NOT burn it for you)


Btw…I love that she has no shame in being her man’s #1 fan…I will indefinitely be the exact same way when he puts a ring on it and I can not wait!