Labor Day weekend… ALL ABOARD!!

Once or twice when my sister was in college my Mom would drop my brother and I off in Oceanside to catch the train to go and spend the weekend with my sister at UCLA. It was a super short ride, about an hour but always so much fun. I always felt such a sense of adventure when I would wheel my little suitcase on the train and my brother and I could pick any seat our little hearts desired and away we went.  For some reason the excitement of a train ride always made me feel like a Southern bell. You can’t overpack because there is nothing cute about a ton of luggage and a train (I’m not sure what but its just not) I feel like you indefinitely have to wear a dress. Its total protocol…Im a lady, I’m riding a train and well I will be wearing a dress. If I had cute little gloves that stopped at the wrist and a hat to carry in a hat box I’d totally have that too.  NO PEARLS though…what is this the 1950’s??? But since I’m a modern girly girl I’m sitting in my seat wearing the cutest Maxidress, makeup to perfection sipping on my green tea and blogging 🙂 eagerly anticipating the rest of my labor day weekend with my someone special and embracing the fact that this little three day weekend is about to change everything in a very BIG way.

Happy Labor day guys…enjoy the sunshine and your time with family and friends!