Basketball “Wives”

So lets start out with a rousing…Womp Womp WOMP!! I am a reality TV junkie and PROUD OF IT but this follywang is absolutely ridiculous. First and foremost how is a show going to be called basketball wives when only two of the six of these trifilin’ chicks are married and the executive producer (Shaunie O’neal) has recently filed for divorce…so I feel this show should be called…”Basketball Bed-warmers”  I mean…sorry honey ya can’t call yourself a wife without a marriage license and certificate!! You have six women all with varied degrees of cosmetic surgery, enhancements etc. all living that hard “I use to be a baller but now I’m broke life”  who have realized they can get 15 more seconds of fame as well as a lil cash to air their dirty laundry so they signed on. Yeah its trashy, yeah its low-budget and yeah i’ll be tuning in to VH1 on Sunday nights at 10pm.

"If he liked it then he would've put a ring on it."

Shout out to all the real baller WIVES who have class and pride and refuse to air there dirty laundry for a lil’ pay day & an extra special shout out to the one’s  I consider the only true “Basketball Wives” Ms.Juanita Jordan, Mrs.Tamia Hill and Mrs.Cookie Johnson. Ya’ll need to school these chicks on how to keep the man and if you can’t keep him make him pay…

CHA CHING…CHING…CHING….I know Juanita’s still laughing every time she goes into the bank.