Black babies…White babies…VIETNAMESE BABIES…OH MY!!!

Sandra Bullock People 5/10/2010

Famous people are doing it, Regular people are doing it…muscian’s, athletes everyone’s doing it. So I’m looking for real honest and true feedback here…if children need homes does it matter if the parents to be are that child’s race or just that they can afford that child a good home? I use to be a little torn when it came to my personal feelings on this one because I use to think a child should be with parents of that race so the child would be taught about themselves growing up and know who they are and where they came from but now I realize all of that doesn’t matter. If a baby needs a home and someone can give that baby a good home then it now seems to me that it’s a no brainer. With all the children in the world that need homes color shouldn’t really matter…but after reading so many peoples post on blogs and forums about peoples responses to Angelina’s adoptions and now Sandra’s adoption the question I pose to you is…Does color matter when it comes to being a good parent??