Congratulations you’re pregnant!! DON’T EAT FOR TWO!!!

ab5b1fd8-2167-4594-aba4-75752cf6a7a7_58e0013b-7915-456f-ab43-5a45fb4e9928_20130820204546_082013_Junk_RM_538x269More often then not I hear people telling pregnant women “oh, you’re pregnant honey…now you can eat for two” or “I wish I was pregnant so then I could eat anything I wanted”…here is the reality just because you’re pregnant does not mean you should eat for two. Yes, you can. Yes you are entitled. Yes, you are a women and you are free to do whatever you want however I am warning you if you eat for two you will regret it. Of course pregnant women do need a few more calories roughly about 300 but that should not be in the form of a triple triple (Yep, I had a friend who told me she ate triple triples from in-n-out when she was pregnant.)Flickr_hellochris_202508906--In-N-Out_triple_cheeseburger_fries

300 calories is equivalent to a tuna fish sandwich or an apple and some yogurt. Listen to my words…if you eat for two you WILL regret it once your beautiful bundle of joy arrives and you are still carrying all that extra weight. Yes! You are growing a life and indeed you are nurturing two human begins but the other one is about the size of a goldfish for quite a while and then a hamster and so on. At no point during pregnancy should you have the mindset of eating for two adults. I was pregnant 16 months ago and trust me when I say food tasted better during pregnancy then any other time in my life and I had I not been careful I would’ve looked like I was carrying twins. Honestly, It’s like my tastebuds were on steroids BUT I never just set and ate boxes of twinkies or cartons of ice cream why because I admit…I’m vain. I got pregnant at 28 and there was no way in hell I was giving up bikini’s or crop tops forever because I over indulged while preggie. So, I say to all my current preggie Mama’s…all my future preggie Mama’s and all my scared to get preggie because you don’t wanna be fat forever Mama’s. Make healthy choices, work out and DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT eat for two. Your heart, mind, body and self-confidence post pardum will thank you!

Pregnant woman with a doughnut

PS.Your skinny jeans will thank you as well!!


Weekly fashion tip -SPANX & Yummy Tummies-

Nobody wants a muffin...unless its with coffee

Cottage cheese,wobbly bits,muffin top etc. Whatever you call it I don’t know anyone women over the age of 18 that has not been plagued with one or more of these nasty little monsters (Yes, even supermodels have cellulite ladies they just get it airbrushed before they hit the runway)I’ve tried every cream, gel, procedure(Not lypo…I hear it just makes everything lumpy and from the look of  Tera Reeds stomach…) Even those silly massages…Nothing makes it disappear. A diet rich in fiber, dark leafy green vegetables and lots and lots of water do help to break up and metabolize fat and of course working out and doing lots and lots of cardio <-MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!! and light weight-training definitely help too but sometimes no matter how much you work out when its time to go out on that date and you slip into that pencil skirt or you put on your skinny jeans and well there not looking so skinny…or my favorite…when your low rise jeans with your tucked in tank top and camel colored belt with the huge turquoise buckle looked super hot when you left the house and now you look like a muffin in an overfilled  muffin tin…How in the hell did this happen!?? In times like these sexy little secrets are your friend. Yummy Tummy and SPANX to the rescue. There is no reason whatsoever to ever have VPL’s, muffin top or wobbly bits showing threw your skin tight Herve Leger dress. Nobody has to know that my perfectly sculpted body has a little help. Especially not my boyfriend. No ladies…this isn’t cheating it’s just flaunting your best assets, and putting your best foot forward because once your clothes are off all he’s focused on is your pot of gold and he could careless about your jiggle puff…Hell…my man likes a lot little bounce to the ounce (naughty laugh)

Don't YOU want a yummy tummy??


Yummy tummies are amazing!! They hold in everything and keep the girls tame as well. You can wear them under a sleek blouse or tank or by themself. The tummy sculpting is sexy and invisible and nobody will ever be the wiser and even though I don’t have any children I imagine these work wonders after that nine month hitchhiker has wreaked havoc on your tummy and you just want everything to be tight and taut, you wanna feel sexy… throw on your yummy tummy and WORK IT GIRL!!


Lil' gifts of spandex from God


SPANX SPANX SPANX!! There is nothing bad I can say about these amazing lil’ spandex creatures that fell down into my lap from the heavens above. Wither you just want to keep the booty from jiggling or the thighs from wobbling when you put on that skin tight dress or those pumps in a bump jeans or you want your tights to have extra support from the tips of your toes to your belly button then the tights version is for you. Don’t fall for the cheap imitations ladies…SPANX by, Sara Blakley are the only way to go. Definitely go for the smaller size but not so small they bulge and no matter who you are the outfit on top of the Spanx should never be so tight I can see your SPANX lines shining through. Hello… that would tell everyone your secret!!

So when in doubt throw on that Yummy Tummy or a pair of SPANX. The world will thank you, your man will thank you and you won’t end up on my hot mess page.

PS.If you’re worried about your man wondering why you have on a shield of spandex armour under your clothes when it’s rapidly approaching sexy time slip into the bathroom..peel those puppies off, slip them under his bathroom sink (d0n’t forget to pick them up before you leave in the morning) or in your purse if you didn’t forget it in the livingroom and he will never be the wiser. Trust me..I’ve done it numerous times!!

-Happy Conturing (or at least faking it)


My birdy has a new housekeeper

So, I went to Tracy a few weeks ago by recommendation  but also because I’d been reading her reviews for the last 6 months but like to stay tried and true to my beauty team (Because they’ve been so good to me)..Anyway, in a pinch (my waxer was crazy booked) I went to Tracy before my vacation (where I was gonna be wearing skimpy,sexy,extremly small bikinis) and all I can say is…TRACY IS THE WAXING GOD (well for Brazilians that is) 1st star for making my kitty so pretty…(I can’t attest to anything I haven’t tried for myself)

I have to start by saying I am African-American so keeping the nether regions smooth and stubble free can sometimes be a tad bit challenging due to the face that our hair is a little more course and ingrown hairs can sometimes be a problem. I am not a women who only waxes when I’m in a relationship or getting some its important to me to be PERFECTLY groomed at all times…Don’t neglect her ladies…she is your friend…which is why someone good, through and reliable is extremely important.

Anyway, on the the experience. The location is convenient, easy to find parking and very clean. The room is well lit and she never ever double dips…using a fresh stick every time she dips it in that wax…2nd star for sanitation!! She talks to you the whole time and it really helps to distract you from the fact that hair attached to hot wax is being yanked from your chacha…oh and she does small sections at a time (which contrary to popular belief is MUCH MUCH BETTER) 3rd star for patience and precision. Once she’s done with the wax she pulls the magnifying mirror complete with a light ….YES A LIGHT over your goodies and plucks any stray or stubborn hairs. Lastly the dreaded get on all fours…but oh no…not Tracy…just pull your knees to your chest and Voila!!! Thank God..cause even though I’m quite a fan of that position doing it in front of my waxer is so NOT the business. 4th star for not embarrassing me.

TRACY…You are heaven sent. Me,My bikinis,and my chacha thank you!!! We will be back to visit again very very soon! 5th star because even when Im having a bummy day I still feel sexy because…I know my kitty is pretty. Even hiding under lace boy shorts and baggy sweats!

TRACY IS THE BEST…If you go to anyone else your crazy…I’ve ditched my last waxer.. (but one must understand…I was loyal for 3 years…this birdy has found a new housekeeper for her nest ;o)

Waxing by Tracy at Hair Help

1756 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 350-4861


Okay…for those in the fashion world who love these little go to stretchy miracles like I do have all witnessed the tragedy below. Yes these cute lil’ guys are the fashion go to on a fat day, skinny day, “lady” day, “I wanna look like I didn’t try too hard…but did” day….LEGGINGS!! So cute and so trendy but when done the wrong way there are always consequences.

What isn't wrong with this picture

You have your 100% Spandex leggings that are more for under dresses or a night out on the town with a cute shirt (these puppies can be see through and are usually seamless) so if you’re not covering your lady cakes I hope you have a smokin’ hot bod!!

Seamless, Sexy but can be see through (Forever 21)

You have the cotton/ spandex blend  or 90%/10%polyester blend that offer a lot more coverage and can be worn as pants IF done correctly. These are my all time favorites. Personally if you want the best legging in the world…AMERICAN APPAREL! Yeah, they are a bit pricey compared to other leggings but they last forever, don’t start to unravel at the seam and have just the right amount of stretch so they don’t bunch at the knee or become see through when they hit the light. They are also so great for droppin’ it like its hot on the dance floor…trust me…I’ve tried!

*Remember ladies* Although a lot of us have upgraded from the thong to boy shorts, micro fiber seamless briefs or lacy french cuts when donning a pair of these thongs are the only way to go…unless you’re a fan of going commando!

American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging