A suburban So Cal turned Bay area city girl who has now found her self back in So Cal with a beautiful little girl and somehow the burbs has kidnapped me once again…How does this keep happening??

I’m spending more time cultivating friendships with my ladies, learning to balance Motherhood, Girlfriend responsibilities and Me time! I’m working on my passion which is theater, learning to cook man catching meals and writing every chance that I get.

A few things I love: Dancing, Kissing in the rain, CNN way more then MSNBC, Brunchy times with my girlfriends, My daughter, Farmers Markets, Monogamy, Road Trips, Wine, Festivals, Discovering new restaurants, Wearing dresses, Gossip Magazines, Live Music and Good Conversation.

Yes, tis true…God decided I should become someone’s Mother but that’s not all I am!

Have a question leave a comment below or email me at  HauteKokoa@yahoo.com . I can’t wait to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “HI DOLLS

  1. I love your new page! Its so inviting. I can’t wait to read more and more of your posts. Your take on things is so fresh. Keep at it. You have a gift.

  2. I don’t know u well… Shit I don’t know u at all lol but just wanted to shoot u a message saying how much I enjoy your blogs and post and any everything u put up. You’re such a strong person and I feel as I learn a lot from your blogs/ and post. Im always the one in the group giving advice, the one without a relationship mind you. I dont just learn about relationships but i take away certain attributes i wanna have as a woman from your blogs. I feel like a “groupie” lol but whatever’s just wanted to let you know u seem like a strong beautiful person who is able to get through any n everything. God does not put us thru any situation he doesn’t believe we can get through. Everything is a learning experience. Take care.

  3. You are so very talented. I LOVED the blog and felt sad with you. =( It’s great when a writer can connect with their readers. I commend you for opening up and sharing, I HATE sharing anything with people. You showed me that its okay. Sometimes you need to get things off of your chest.
    I wish you the best in your relationship and I know God has a plan for you. Just be patient beautiful. =)

  4. I’m enamoured with you and I don’t even know you. You said you love monoagamy! That is such a beautiful thing to love. I know its hard to find a man who shares that with you this day in age but dont settle. You WILL find it. I am one of those men unfourtunatly I live all the way in DC, if youre ever out this way you should shoot me an email *wink*. Stay focused on that goal and don’t let any man sway you. Keep writing and giving your honest persepective. I enjoy reading such a youthful vibrant take on lifes issues. You are a breath of fresh air indeed and pretty cute to boot!

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