Congratulations you’re pregnant!! DON’T EAT FOR TWO!!!

ab5b1fd8-2167-4594-aba4-75752cf6a7a7_58e0013b-7915-456f-ab43-5a45fb4e9928_20130820204546_082013_Junk_RM_538x269More often then not I hear people telling pregnant women “oh, you’re pregnant honey…now you can eat for two” or “I wish I was pregnant so then I could eat anything I wanted”…here is the reality just because you’re pregnant does not mean you should eat for two. Yes, you can. Yes you are entitled. Yes, you are a women and you are free to do whatever you want however I am warning you if you eat for two you will regret it. Of course pregnant women do need a few more calories roughly about 300 but that should not be in the form of a triple triple (Yep, I had a friend who told me she ate triple triples from in-n-out when she was pregnant.)Flickr_hellochris_202508906--In-N-Out_triple_cheeseburger_fries

300 calories is equivalent to a tuna fish sandwich or an apple and some yogurt. Listen to my words…if you eat for two you WILL regret it once your beautiful bundle of joy arrives and you are still carrying all that extra weight. Yes! You are growing a life and indeed you are nurturing two human begins but the other one is about the size of a goldfish for quite a while and then a hamster and so on. At no point during pregnancy should you have the mindset of eating for two adults. I was pregnant 16 months ago and trust me when I say food tasted better during pregnancy then any other time in my life and I had I not been careful I would’ve looked like I was carrying twins. Honestly, It’s like my tastebuds were on steroids BUT I never just set and ate boxes of twinkies or cartons of ice cream why because I admit…I’m vain. I got pregnant at 28 and there was no way in hell I was giving up bikini’s or crop tops forever because I over indulged while preggie. So, I say to all my current preggie Mama’s…all my future preggie Mama’s and all my scared to get preggie because you don’t wanna be fat forever Mama’s. Make healthy choices, work out and DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT eat for two. Your heart, mind, body and self-confidence post pardum will thank you!

Pregnant woman with a doughnut

PS.Your skinny jeans will thank you as well!!


One thought on “Congratulations you’re pregnant!! DON’T EAT FOR TWO!!!

  1. I know I know, I’m a guy and shouldn’t respond but I have to. Kokoa, one other thing you forgot – your significant other will thank you too. While you look beautiful and radiant pregnant – six to 8 weeks after the baby is born he will be pleasantly surprised at this beautiful little body that attracted you to him in the first place. I know everytime I catch a sneak peak of my “used to be pregnant’s” body getting out of the shower I’m definitely thankful she didn’t eat for two #shegothersexBACK!!!

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