When I was growing up my Mom always saved my Dad the “round” piece of fish. Now that I’m older I realize it’s the piece of fish that is referred to as the steak/center cut aka the BEST piece. I remember always wanting it and wondering why Daddy always got it. Of course I was young then but I noticed whenever my Mom would cook my Dad always got the best of everything. The best piece of fish, the biggest piece of chicken, if she cooked something and she burned a portion Dad got the part that wasn’t burned, the kids got the next best part and she kinda just settled for whatever was left over. It didn’t bother me too much when I was a munchkin but now that I’m older and primarily doing the majority of the cooking I find myself doing the exact same thing wither I’m cooking for the guy I’m dating, my Dad or even my little brother. For example I was barbecuing for me and my honey bunches of oats the other night and I burned the first 2 pieces of chicken so I made two more which were grilled to perfection and automatically gave him those. It didn’t really bother me but I realized as I was eating my ummmm ‘Cajun’ pieces what had he done to just be entitled to the best pieces? I mean I made the trip to the grocery store, I marinated them, I cooked them. As women are we just supposed to give the men in our lives the best because well…there men!? Were we conditioned as young girls to just give them our best? Nobody ever came out right and told me that I had to but that’s what I saw so that’s what I did *shrugs shoulders*

Even after my Grandma or Aunts stood on their feet and did all the cooking for a big holiday dinner I remember getting up to make my plate and being told to sit down and wait while I watched them make plates for my Grandfather, Uncles or Father, they got the best and most of everything and it bothered me. Of course I never said anything because if I did I would probably still be picking my teeth up off the floor but I always wondered why… they were the one’s who cooked for 6 hours straight while Dad watched the game or read the paper whilst nodding in the easy chair not ever offering to lift a finger, chop an onion or even wash a dish why did he just deserve the biggest, best and the most. It baffled me. Where did this since of entitlement come from? As women shouldn’t the men in our lives earn the right to receive our best? I mean how many dates have you gone on and you spend all day primping and prepping to look as glamorous as you know how, your sexiest shoes (the one’s that probably hurt), wax and pluck to hairless perfection and make sure your hair is perfectly coiffed only to show up to Mr.I’d do anything and everything for you’s house for him to say he’d rather stay in tonight “how about we grab carry out and rent something on Apple TV?” with a deep inner sigh you reply with “sure.” You don’t put up a fuss, you dare not complain you just slip off your Jimmy Choos and make yourself comfortable on the couch. Mind you its Saturday night…8pm…and you look damn good. Shouldn’t he want to take you out?? Or the best one is…you cook a magnificent food network worthy meal and he calls while you’re taking the last dish out of the oven and says he would rather have pizza so you just calmly oblige.  For some reason we allow this behavior time and time again (I know because my girlfriends and I have countless conversations about it.) Ladies we have to stop being so complacent and guys trust me when I say…if the sun is out your girl wants to leave the house…she didn’t slip on that maxi dress just because she was bored. Women like to be out just for the sake of being out. Sometimes we don’t have a reason we just wanna walk, explore a new neighborhood, sit outside of a cool coffee shop and people watch, lay out at the beach and soak up some rays, walk hand in hand at a street fair with our guy and just share his hotness with the world. When your women is happy everyone is happy. Gals, Its time to take a cue from the little red hen “if he did not help plant the seeds, pick the wheat or cook the bread he doesn’t deserve to starve BUT he certainly doesn’t deserve the first and best piece…YOU DO!” Yes, the bible says submit to your partner <- That is the argument I get from some when I bring up this topic but that doesn’t mean be a doormat (I’ll write more about the topic of submission later) Oh and lastly, he CAN fix his own plate TRUST ME.


One thought on “Earned…Deserved…Entitled!??

  1. I am so proud of you. Every article I read, I find so much wisdom and am in agreement with most of your thoughts. I had a talk with a girlfriend today about how her ex – her baby’s dad – came to her and asked for some money. Mind you, he never-ever has supported her financially. I was totally disgusted. HOW DARE YOU SIR? I promise you, I was about to pass out from a panic attack IN the library. Now, it would have been a different thought, had he been there as a partner to her.

    I feel like it’s totally perfect for women to offer the best to our significant other, as long as he does the same for us (times 10).

    P.S. That little red hen was frickin’ brilliant.

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